This is a family story!

We love traditions and the Romanian village!

Once upon a time there was a family of hard-working people who worked to take care of their family and to have a full life. They had hens, sheep, cows, and even buffaloes (‘drigane’, as they are called around the village). They used to plant their vegetables in ‘tănăroage’ (small patches of land near forests), which was a rare custom, but all the people were growing their vegetables there because they believed that the vegetables grown in the fields are tastier. There was an unwritten law that on Sundays everybody went to church in their folk costumes, costumes which have been kept until nowadays. Before the church service was over, one member of the family would run home to start preparing lunch, a lunch which was special and had lots of traditional tasty dishes. Based on the family traditions, the following generations have continued to use the folk costumes in various events like ‘Fii satului’ (‘Sons of the Village’), ‘Jocul de Crăciun’ (‘The Christmas Dance’), ‘La colindat’ (‘Going Caroling’), while the tasty taste of the food prepared in the area makes you want to come back again and again!
The story of ‘Aer de Munte’ Guesthouse started with the desire to spend more time with the family and to share with you the joy of simple and valuable things. Modesty and simplicity are features of the people in this area and guest are welcomed in this community with a lot of joy. Here we have combined authenticity, tradition, and history, 3 of the ingredients necessary for a novel experience. Time went by, the people and the village have evolved, but the customs of life in the country have remained unchanged. ‘Aer de Munte’ Guesthouse offers you the opportunity to relax in a hammock near a wheat field, accompanied by the signing of birds. An experience where you get to breathe the clean and fresh mountain air among rich vegetation, you get to hear the chatter of the river passing in front of the gate, and you get to enjoy a glass of wine with other traditional and ‘mouth-watering’ goods.

COME TO SĂVĂSTRENI for a novel experience!

Tourist Attractions

Țara Făgărașului, one of the most impressive depressions of Transylvania, is a land which can offer unforgettable trips due to its natural, cultural, and historical heritage. This is what you can visit in the area, while you are staying with us:

 Făgăraș Citadel

  It is considered the second most beautiful castle in the world. We invite you to discover the fascinating story of the citadel occupied by Mihai Viteazu, and also the artifacts related to the history of Țara Făgărașului, which will take you to medieval times.


  Considered by the Top Gear team of Great Britain as the most amazing road in the world, it offers superb scenery with steep mountain peaks, altitude variations, and great natural landscapes. It is open between July and October each year.

 Brâncoveanu Monastery

  This monastery leaves an impression with its architecture, old paintings, and the religious life of the monks. It is considered one of the strongest connections between the Romanian people on both sides of the Carpathian Mountains and it is a place of spiritual strengthening and inner peace.

 Lipizzan Horse Stud Farm

  In Sâmbata de Jos, you can share the experience of horse shows and sports competitions with horses, and you can also visit the race track. The elegance, softness, and nobility of this horse breed make this place more charming.

 Bâlea Lake 

  Balea Lake is an glacier Lake up to 2034 m, in Fagaras Mountains, In 1932 Balea Lake and a 180 ha, had been declared natural Reservation..

 The story of Calendar

  The Story of Calender is an thematic park adventure, who presents into a spectacular form The Calender with the 12 months of the year, traditions and fary tales from our ancesters. You will find goodies and souveniers, kids shows, restaurant and play kids.

 Valley of the fairies

  The Clay Castle it’s look like a real castle from fairies. It has a combined architecture a classical story with White Snow and Mountains Peaks. The place is near Sibiu County, to Porumbacu de Sus. The road is easy and have beautiful views.